The automotive industry is constantly rejuvenating. New players are entering. Emerging markets are redefining the value chain. Revolutions in powertrain technologies are demanding attention. Connecting the vehicle with its environment  is opening up a wealth of new opportunities. Around the world, as we rethink this dynamic industry, AaronRichards is helping clients stay agile.

We serve automotive manufacturers, suppliers and distributors, machinery original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and industrial conglomerates.We have worked across all sectors of the automotive industry, from passenger-car and light-truck manufacturers to heavy-truck makers and to agricultural and construction-equipment companies.

Our work involves strategic and corporate-finance topics ranging from products and branding to mergers-and-acquisitions strategies. We also focus on operational topics ranging from project management to product launch and from lean manufacturing and production to supplier management and value-chain cost reduction. Regardless of the specific challenge, our overriding goal is to provide clients with improved productivity, enhanced innovation, and better performance.

In addition, we engage in internal research projects. Such research projects could include developing insights on the changing supplier/OEM relationship, developing a perspective on the evolution and impact of economic dynamics in emerging markets, and forecasting the impact of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials on automakers. We supplement our knowledge with input from research partners, creating a network of capable resources available to clients. 

Our expertise and global scale allow us to bring a fundamentally different approach to serving clients in the automotive-and-assembly business. We have a strong track record of delivering client impact across a wide range of topics. We can address strategic challenges, such as developing growth strategies or go-to-market strategies, but we also have expertise in portfolio strategy, sales excellence and large-scale transformation programs. Our operations expertise extends from capital productivity to product-development processes and R&D efficiency. Change management, post-merger integration, and sales-channel management—all in the automotive and machinery context—are other core specialties.​