Capability sourcing began as a cost-cutting measure, but companies that create real sustained value routinely use it for far more strategic ends–to gain capabilities that they don't have in-house, or to strengthen capabilities they do have, for everything from developing world-class talent to bringing new products to market faster and enabling business model innovation. AaronRichards' work in capability sourcing, outsourcing and offshoring improves clients' internal and external customer satisfaction, enhances their competitive position, and typically lowers costs by 20 percent to 40 percent.

Capability sourcing improves a company's competitive position by ensuring that processes and functions are obtained from the right source at the right cost. As sourcing matures, companies can leverage outsourcing and offshoring for more processes, in more countries, and to achieve a broader set of objectives, be it improved costs, quality, service levels or capabilities.

We help companies achieve sourcing excellence through a range of services including blueprint/design, outsourcing partner selection and transition, strategic offshoring implementation and support, and value delivery. Outsourcing and offshoring have evolved into much broader opportunities to drive transformational change. We help experienced users design disruptive sourcing strategies, implement low cost country footprints, monetize captive operations, renegotiate contracts and maximize ROI on existing programs. We also support less experienced users with issues such as blueprint/design their operation and expand the current scope.

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