​Key management transitions in an organization can be disruptive and worrisome for many audiences if they’re not communicated properly. The best management transitions are well planned and carefully implemented to demonstrate control and continuity in leadership. AaronRichards works with our clients to evaluate the most effective communications program – understanding the circumstances of the outgoing leader, the incoming successor (if decided) and the current perceptions of the company. We then help design and implement an integrated communications plan that appropriately addresses all audiences including internal, customer, financial, stakeholder and regulatory.

As boards of directors continue to face increasing public scrutiny from shareholders, media, analysts, employees and the government, it is imperative that they communicate the business rationale that guide their decisions.

This is especially true during the CEO transition process, when communications can potentially move the volatility of a company’s market value by 5-10 percent during the first 10 days following the transition. Developing and implementing a tailored communications strategy around a board’s choice in successor is the primary method to build support from those influencers who directly affect the performance of the company.

Regardless of whether a transition is seamlessly planned or unexpected and immediate, AaronRichards’ CEO transition communications consultants works confidentially with the board and the company’s executive advisory team to preempt stakeholder concerns.​

ceo transition communications