​We work with your leaders and broader stakeholder groups to embed the changes into the fabric of the organization—helping achieve and sustain future ambitions.

In a Change Management & Transformation initiative, operational leaders become change leaders, modeling new behaviors and owning the desired transformation. A tipping point is reached when the scale of work-force commitment to the transformation becomes self-replicating and expands naturally. When this happens, the appetite for change becomes an organizational asset.

We help organizations put people at the center of every Change Management & Transformation initiative, focusing on four areas of change:

· Awareness and inclusion. We work with leaders to define the mandate and organizational need for change, enabling them to lead the transformation firmly from the front.

· Ownership and adoption. We help drive adoption of the change from the bottom up, and shift ownership to everyone in the organization.

· Cultural and behavioral norms. We help align underlying cultural principles and adjust behavioral norms to spread change throughout the organization.

· Permanence. We work across your organization to help create the environment and controls to sustain the change and make it a part of the company’s DNA.​

​change management & transformation