​Media is still one of the biggest influences on shaping public opinion, even in today’s ever-changing, social and digital environment. AaronRichards’ consultants can help with a variety of services to identify appropriate messaging, effectively engage audiences and communicate key points to company stakeholders. Our services include:

  • Media & Message Training. These sessions include interview preparation tips and realistic practice with print, radio and television interviews. Instruction diagnosis, discussion, videotape analysis and constructive feedback help ensure messages are effectively delivered proactively and in a crisis.
  • Presentation Coaching. Each presentation skills session is customized for a client’s individual needs. The focus is on organizing content, delivering impactful messages, offering constructive critique of videotaped practice and preparing answers for the tough questions during and after a presentation.
  • Executive Coaching. Our customized coaching focuses on strengthening a client’s executive presence. We build confidence and leadership skills, polish message delivery and develop tactics to effectively communicate with customers, management, peers, shareholders and the media.

There currently exists a public perception that business executives are not meeting the evolving expectations of an ever-widening range of audiences. At this dynamic and tumultuous moment in time, there is an unprecedented expectation for leaders to present their vision of an uncertain future, and how they will channel the resources of their organizations to make that future better.

Our AaronRichards consultants work with CEOs and leaders from corporations, not-for-profits, governments, NGOs and academic institutions. Informed by this work, we have developed a relationship-driven approach to executive positioning, which includes:

  • Executive Platform Development: Creating core content that is differentiating, authentic and interwoven with an organization’s expertise, brand identity and external communications activities.
  • Execution: Securing speaking, elite media, digital and direct-to-influencer opportunities that allow executives to advance core content with critical stakeholders.
  • Counseling: Leveraging our knowledge of conferences, elite media and influencer engagement best practices to prep executives for appearances, interviews and stakeholder meetings. And, providing customized, individualized media and presentation training, along with leadership coaching.​​

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