The global health ecosystem is undergoing a tectonic shift: from youthful to aging populations, from stable to evolving regulatory landscapes, and from developed to developing markets. We team with companies across biopharmaceuticals, medical devices, distributors and pharmacies, payers and providers to address their strategic and operational issues. Our experts bring a forward-thinking, collaborative style that has proven to deliver immediate, meaningful solutions that last.

Healthcare companies face dramatic changes in customer behavior, market dynamics and regulatory demands. AaronRichards works with healthcare companies to deliver better value for patients, fuel innovation and reduce the cost and complexity of operating systems. Our pharmaceutical, medtech, and payers and delivery systems consultants bring diverse and deep experience to every healthcare engagement.

Companies across the healthcare industry recognize they need to deliver greater value—higher quality of care at a lower cost. To some extent, this pressure comes from changing government policies. But employers, consumers and providers are making similar demands. The result: all subsectors of the healthcare industry must take action to address the changing environment:

Pharmaceuticals: Pharmaceutical manufacturers need to ensure that their products demonstrate measurable cost and quality outcomes in the face of increasing price and access pressure.

Medical technology: Medical technology companies need to be both cost effective and innovative, rebalance towards growing profit pools, implement viable leadership strategies for emerging markets, realign go-to-market systems to new types of buyers, and address the needs of a growing range of constituents.

Healthcare payers and delivery systems: Healthcare payers and delivery systems must lead the charge in delivering higher-quality care at lower cost. Healthcare payers need to design products that motivate consumers to use health services in the right way, build relationships with their members and support providers with more effective care management tools and reimbursement systems. Healthcare delivery systems must align themselves to integrate care while preparing to take on more accountability for patient outcomes and the cost of care.

Healthcare improvements have dramatically increased life expectancy, and new treatments are increasing the quality of life. Yet this progress has created daunting economic challenges. Our team of consultants and experts works with healthcare leaders to deliver better care, increasing quality of life, and improving global outcomes.

Most governments and healthcare leaders understand that spending increases cannot continue indefinitely and are looking for ways to increase efficiencies. How can organizations care for more people, with better results, at a lower cost?

What we do

We work with healthcare leaders to improve world health outcomes. We help:

  • National and regional health services to transform care delivery and make it more sustainable
  • Health insurance companies and other payors to improve the value of healthcare
  • Hospital chains to transform operational performance
  • Academic medical centers to refocus strategy, operations, and governance
  • Integrated care organizations to improve healthcare delivery

We take a highly collaborative approach, from guiding national governments as they set priorities to working with nurses to improve hospital ward operations

AaronRichards uses data, experience and judgment to reduce the inherent uncertainty of resource-allocation decisions. We also provide fresh thinking and creativity to determine which initiatives will work best.  Across all healthcare services segments, we partner with clients to drive profitable growth by:

  • Revealing the most likely scenarios of demand and supply
  • Improving business performance by unlocking new market opportunities
  • Enhancing organizational agility
  • Supporting higher-quality outcomes at lower costs