Our consultants have helped many leading companies, across a range of industries, maximize their returns on R&D investments. But delivering superior returns often requires transformational change: treating R&D as an integrated innovation system rather than as a functional silo.

In our experience, we find that complexity—in its many forms—slows innovation. Among the typical complexity pain points our clients experience: too many R&D projects that are not fully aligned with company or product strategy, too many processes—processes that may not be consistently followed or are not delivering what wins in the market, too many decision makers without a single point of accountability, and too many sites, capabilities and design methodologies without a clear understanding of what drives competitive advantage.

We work closely with our clients to untangle their complexity and install a clear and concise, repeatable R&D formula. Specifically, we enable them to innovate rapidly and spend more wisely by helping them to:

·        Understand the customer ecosystem and prioritize customer needs

·        Build innovation roadmaps to deliver on those customer needs

·        Align R&D processes to deliver on a differentiated performance in time-to-market, cost and quality

·        Optimize project team resources, organizational structures and infrastructure allocation

·        Build a global footprint and install continuous learning systems

The outcome of our work is a finely tuned R&D engine delivering superior returns.

Research & Development optimization