​A successful brand starts with a compelling idea. One with the potential to produce real value for your organization and your stakeholders. To realize that value, we work with you to craft a powerful brand strategy that puts the customers at the center and delivers tangible results.

A great brand strategy appeals to both hearts and minds through functional and emotional benefits. It conveys a solid value proposition to every constituent, inside and outside the organization. The right strategy reinforces your brand’s promise, raises your brand equity and economic value, and drives real business performance. Because our approach is grounded in fact and rooted in extensive research, we gain the knowledge to ensure that each unique brand strategy will succeed for our clients. Working in strategy teams that include business consultants, marketers, designers and technologists, we can address every element of your brand strategy.

Our AaronRichards consultants can help your organization:

  • Create new or refresh positioning for companies and products
  • Recast corporate mission, vision and values
  • Improve financial performance through brand portfolio optimization
  • Articulate a compelling, differentiated brand messaging framework
  • Evaluate the equities and liabilities of both the client and competing brands
  • Quantify economic value at risk when making brand decisions
  • Define aspects of competitive advantage
  • Clarify the sources of future growth in shareholder value for investors
  • Segment customer needs and value propositions
  • Identify the underpinnings of corporate brand sustainability
  • Align branded customer experiences with purchase and loyalty drivers

Your brand has a purpose. Much more than a logo, a website, or a marketing plan, your brand is an ecosystem powered by all the things you represent. A confident promise and a cohesive experience. It looks good and it works well. We champion an intentional process and a commitment to work together to set you and your business up for long-term success.

AaronRichards partners with innovative B2B, consumer brands, and talented startups to create clear and compelling brands. Whether you’re launching a new brand or refreshing an existing brand, we work with companies at every stage to solve your branding problems, simplify your brand message, and grow your business. We have a purposeful approach to branding that hinges on articulating a clear story for your brand that connects with your audience. Together, we’ll increase your presence, grow your influence, and strengthen your brand’s value. As your strategic branding partner, we’ll uncover what issues are holding your brand back. Then, we’ll work to solve them. Whatever your challenge, we’re here to guide your brand towards the future.

At AaronRichards, we work with you to build your brand on a solid strategic framework. Brand strategy surfaces the central inspirational idea that aligns all actions, behaviors, communications and design. Brand strategy includes:

• Brand Purpose, Vision & Values
• Brand Positioning, Messaging & Story
• Naming Systems
• Brand Architecture
• Brand Archetype

Your brand’s identity is your most powerful asset. Identity plays a major role in brand perception and how the world sees you. We create flexible, powerful visual brand systems that are distinct, recognizable and supportive of long-term business goals. 

• Brand Look & Feel
• Corporate Identity Systems
• Iconography
• Visual Systems
• Brand Guidelines

We believe branding is a process of self-discovery. Identity is your most powerful asset, so it’s important that you build an identity that reflects you authentically. Whether you’re looking to develop a new brand, evolve an existing brand or desperately need an image overhaul, we’ll uncover your unique voice and jumpstart growth. Executing in accordance with our defined strategy, we’ll work with you on every stage of the identity journey to bring the brand to life through logomarks and identity systems to products, digital and environments. Wherever the brand needs to live is where we’ll concentrate efforts to ensure a consistent brand voice across every platform that’s relevant to you.

Our approach involves four major elements to build and integrate one powerful brand voice:

  • Developing a unifying enterprise brand idea, and an engaging creative expression to bring it to life.
  • Activating the enterprise brand voice by defining the distinctive enterprise story, leveraging executive storytellers with the right messages in the right places, and creating a multi-faceted amplification and engagement plan to engage stakeholders and achieve key business goals.
  • Protecting reputation by building a culture of preparedness to anticipate and mitigate issues and crises, creating an agile rapid response capability, and ensuring an intentional approach to recovery after a crisis.
  • Measuring reputation and business value by tracking both outputs and outcomes through an integrated set of measurement tools.

We develop evidence-based strategies that allow clients to establish a stronger global brand, making them more competitive in the race for investment, talent, and tourism, as well as a greater voice in addressing today’s complex multilateral issues.

Our branding practice prioritizes research, strategy, and tangible action. Effective branding requires much more than slick brand identities and snappy campaigns. AaronRichards takes an analytical approach, allowing us to achieve objectives through attraction and persuasion – as a framework for understanding, measuring, strengthening and leveraging the global reputation of our clients.

Our approach gives our clients an unrivalled insight into their global reputation, and provides innovative approaches to solving challenges and exploiting opportunities.

We provide clients with a comprehensive approach to building a stronger global brand, from research and analysis to strategy and policy, through to the full complement of branding and marketing services.

Working closely with our clients we help them weave and project a clear and compelling global narrative by effectively linking research, strategy, policy, creativity, communications and campaign implementation. By building better brands, we help build more successful, prosperous, and valued client brands.

The first step to building a brand is understanding it. Uniting passion with purpose, we’ll collaborate, brainstorm, research, ask questions, share ideas, dream big, plan wisely, and develop ideas with intent. With clarity and focus, we’ll confidently embark into our creative and strategic work en route to developing a cohesive and memorable brand.​