life sciences

Recent scientific and technological advances, an aging population, the expansion into emerging markets, coupled with an exponential increase in mainstream adoption of digital technologies, are providing renewed platforms for the Life Sciences industry to revive its fortunes.

With an explosion in the availability of digital data - including electronic health records, social, genomics, clinical, and insurance - and more engaged consumers, we are ready to benefit from integrated drug manufacturing, clinical trials, and a healthcare environment that not only provides the best care for its patients but is also rewarded through significant revenue growth.

The omnipresent availability of digital data and advancement in technologies are the key drivers shaping our focus on developing scalable platforms that provide more efficient patient care, and heightened collaboration with partners, while enhancing our existing investments in people and technology.

AaronRichards is a premier strategic advisor to the life sciences industry. Our clients choose us to advise them on their most important corporate, business unit, franchise and product strategic decisions, and ask for our help in solving their most difficult issues.  We advise global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, financial sponsors and other leading and innovative healthcare services including generic drug, medical technology, contract services, tools and diagnostics companies.

Our life sciences consultants have expertise across all major industry segments and therapeutic areas, advising clients at every life cycle stage. With a reputation for solving complex issues and helping clients create lasting value, AaronRichards helps life sciences and pharmaceutical executives with their strategic decision making to develop winning strategies in a dynamic global healthcare market.

We offer extensive insight into the entire healthcare ecosystem, including medical-device companies, and healthcare providers and payers. This provides us with a valuable perspective and makes us uniquely qualified to help our life sciences clients with a broad range of strategic issues. At AaronRichards, we provide consulting support in the areas of:

  • Branded drugs
  • Diagnostics, personalized medicine and healthcare decision support
  • Generics, reformulations and biosimilar drugs
  • Consumer/OTC medicines
  • Contract services (CROs, CMOs, etc.)
  • Life sciences tools

AaronRichards' approach is customized for each situation to determine the best strategy to meet the client’s goals.  Our consultants have extensive expertise across therapeutic areas throughout the product lifecycle from development to commercialization to post-launch.  We carefully evaluate key aspects including industry trends, market evolution and growth opportunities to make critical decisions around company strategy, portfolio planning, commercial approaches, international expansion, market access and more.  We continually assist our clients to achieve the growth and value that they are seeking.