corporate strategy

Corporate strategy is all about setting the right future vision, mission, and organization to continually re-invent and sustain corporate performance even in fast-changing and global markets. This requires strategic foresight to identify new opportunities and trends in existing businesses, and the ability to align the business portfolio accordingly, while also initiating activities that encourage innovation. A good corporate strategy not only provides a framework for governance, but also empowers those who must design and implement the strategy.

We collaborate with our clients to support the critical initiatives that will drive superior performance. We use rigorous fact-based analyses and pride ourselves on helping clients create pragmatic and actionable strategic plans that are focused on bottom-line results.

We believe that a great corporate strategy should be valuable, enduring, forward-looking and actionable:

· Valuable: Corporate strategy needs to effectively allocate resources to the best investment opportunities,      drive performance and raise expectations internally and externally, improve a company’s competitive position  and add value beyond the sum of its parts.

· Enduring: In developing a corporate strategy, companies should consider long cycles and macro-trends while    ensuring their plan is resilient and adaptive in times of turbulence.

· Forward-looking: A solid corporate strategy appropriately anticipates risk, uncertainty and optionality.

· Actionable: Top-performing companies ensure their corporate strategy is both intuitive and realistic. It should  be easy to communicate internally and externally and also provide for an approach that can be acted on by all  business units at all levels.

 High-performing companies demonstrate four key corporate behaviors: they provide a compelling corporate vision and appropriate performance objectives, aggressively manage their portfolio, use a repeatable operating model and execute a balanced financial strategy.